Services Provided by a Mobile Car Valeting Business

images (45)Mobile car valeting agencies are available to bring the services to a person’s doorstep. These companies have qualified workers who can do everything to make sure one’s car remains clean at all times, in case one has a busy schedule and no time to waste. Check below to discover what are the different types of car valeting services.

Wash and leather service

This service includes hand washing with the use of wax shampoo and full cleaning of the car’s interior leather. More to that, the experts clean the car wheels and could also do rubber dressing of the tyres and its mud flaps.

Exterior valeting services

An exterior valet service is another type of service that’s offered by mobile car valeting agencies. Exterior valeting services include broad cleaning of the outside along with hand polishing body work, with the use of five different kinds of wax which depend on the condition of the paintwork the car has. Also, these cleaners could clean the exterior vinyl surface of the vehicle by use of a plastic dressing and they could do rubber dressing of tyres and mud flaps.

Mini valets

A mini valet service is a service designed for an efficient performance and to freshen up cars inside. The cleaners will clean the inside of the car, including the mats, seats, carpet and so forth. Mobile car valeting companies only use specialist machines and have more experience to clean your car. They do the emptying of the ashtray; if you would like something extra, you could ask the cleaners to polish the windows both inside and out. Throughout this service, the cleaners will treat the vehicle dashboard and the door trims with a vinyl dressing.

Engine cleaning services

Engine cleaning is another kind of service that is delivered by car valeting firms. The cleaners use a pressure pump to clean the car engine and its compartments. Also, they could treat the car’s engine with engine lacquer. This will help to get the rubbers and engine hoses well cleaned.

The mobile car valeting agencies also have leather seat treatments. This service is only aimed at cleaning the seats. This service enables you to get liquid leather treatments that could help you restore, soften and protect the cars seats, thus, providing a chance of reinstating the finest quality aroma on the vehicle’s leather seat.